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Calgary, your ultimate diy Party Planning Guide is finally here!

The team at Melissa Dawn Designs has carefully curated the ultimate YYC Party Planning Guide. It’s a list of 21 vendors from eight categories ranging from caterers and bakeries to décor and favours.

The event experts in the guide have been pre-screened by yours truly and are 100% committed to guiding you through the process, alleviating all that unnecessary planning stress and ensuring you are covered for any unexpected circumstances leading up to your event. Ready to plan your own event?



Brie & Banquet

Brie & Banquet



Sound familiar?

You’re a Type A personality who wants to do all the planning on your own, but could still use some advice and expertise to get started.

Have you spent every minute of your free time curating a Pinterest board that you have no idea how to turn into reality?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices you have when it comes to things like music, favours or catering?

Are you struggling to figure out just how to pull this all off on a budget or on short notice?

Are you stressing out about how much money you’re going to have to spend? 


Party planning is a whole new level of difficult with social distancing rules

We get it.

You are bound and determined to pull off an epic party! However, you may have just come to the realization that planning this soiree is more than just finding the right photographer or florist. And to make things even more daunting, there are all these newfound rules and restrictions around social gatherings and special events.

As specialists in creating intimate events, we have been hearing a lot of concerns around the challenges of organizing celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, baby showers and so on. We totally get that decision making is even more difficult right now and our objective is to take the weight off your shoulders, help you choose vendors with the highest level of professionalism and save you some money (and gray hairs) in the process!


Picture This…

You save hours of Pinterest and Amazon searching!

And hours (that you don’t even have) driving around the city!

You make a budget and actually stick to it!

Your money isn’t wasted on party favours… because the guests truly dig them!

Guests talk about your party as the highlight of their year...*dusts off shoulder.



Let us introduce you to the YYC Party Guide!


When you purchase this e-guide, you will gain access to deals that can lead to over $450 in savings.




It’s not only filled to the brim with the best vendors in the city, but it includes all those little details you didn’t even know you needed. You’ll even be able to make selections based on the quadrant or location in Calgary.

So, instead of starting from scratch with an unscreened list of suppliers you found in your Google search, we can attest that the vendors you’ll find in our guide are nothing short of insanely creative, honest and talented in their areas of expertise. 

Now, in case you needed another reason to scoop up your own copy of the YYC Party Guide, well, we’ll just leave this right here: there’s more than $450 worth of exclusive offers just waiting for you. (Including our very own – you’re welcome.) 

Since most of the offers are valid only until the end of 2020, we urge you not to wait to get a start on your planning journey. Simply click the link below to get access today!


“most of the offers inside are valid only until the end of 2020, so don’t wait to start your fabulous party planning journey”





Happy Planning, Friend!