What Is An Event Planner?


When you think of an event planner you might think of just a decorator.  And I’m here to tell you….that’s only party true! An event planner or event producer coordinates all of the logistics and negotiations between vendors and venues on your behalf.  This includes phone calls, emails and planning pick up times, drop offs and returns.  This goes for any size of event too.  Do you remember the last event you hosted?  Remember cleaning the house before guests arrive, picking up the cake, running out to get groceries.  Running out again to get the veggie tray you forgot.  Visiting store after store to put together “cute” goody bags for the kids – that isn’t all candy.  It’s more work than you initially think or plan for…and that’s where I come into the picture.


An event planner will work with you to create a theme and coordinate all the little details on your behalf.  Hosting a bridal shower?  Your event planner will ensure the day flows smoothly, planning out games and activities, gift giving for the bride to be, all in a timely manner.  Ever been to a shower and you don’t know if they’ll even open gifts when you’re there because NO ONE is taking charge.  It’s my pet peeve.  Guests don’t know what to expect when they arrive to a party – you have to guide them.  They like being taken care of – and they deserve a good experience.  Besides, when you attend a great event you always remember who hosted it.  And if you’re anything like me, you revel in being that great host!


I get it – as a busy, working parent, my time is precious.  And you, friend?  You have work, family time, barre class, errands, brunch dates, coffee hangs, spin class, and Friday night drinks with the girls. So next time you’re planning a party, keep track of how many hours you put into researching, planning, shopping, decorating, executing, and cleaning.  Then keep a log of how much money you spend on each item for the party. I bet you will be surprised at how much you spent!  Think about getting your valuable time back and investing in an event planner.  I promise you’ll so happy you did!