Choose The Best Chair for Your Wedding Style


Image by Justine Milton

Image by Justine Milton


So you started planning your wedding and you’re getting excited making floral choices, picking out linens and deciding on guest favours. But it soon dawns on you just how MANY choices you have to make when it comes to designing your perfect day – and that includes selecting the chairs. Who knew there were so many options out there?!

Don’t worry, we’re here to break down all the chair types for you and help you find the perfect seat to suit your wedding style.


The Cross Back Chair

Photo by Yiannis Alefantou + Thanasis Kaiafas

Photo by Yiannis Alefantou + Thanasis Kaiafas


The cross back chair is the perfect blend of rustic elegance. It looks great in an outdoor setting and adds charm to any table. Going for a boho wedding feel? Hang macrame pieces on the bridal table chairs to complete the look.

Some other options are to dress it up with greenery and ribbon or keep it bare for a clean look.

The cross back chair rents for $7.00- $8.00 per chair.


The Chiavari Chair


This traditional chair is that classic chair in every wedding movie…Wedding Crashers anyone? It’s formal, elegant and won’t break your budget. It looks great for the wedding ceremony seating and can easily (with the help of your stylist) be repurposed for the reception. An added bonus, these chairs come with add on padded seating for your comfort.

Dress it up with a touch of florals or an elegant chiffon draping to compliment your wedding palette.

The chiavari chair typically rents for $6.50 – $7.50 per chair.


The Louis XVI Chair


Talk about luxury! This historic chair is named for the French monarch who was known for his rather indulgent taste. The Louis XVI chair features linen upholstery and looks great in garden settings, elegant estates or a historic location.

This chair rents anywhere from $5.50 – $16.95 per chair depending on the material.


The Cane Back Chair

Photo by Vicki Grafton

Photo by Vicki Grafton


Similar in appearance to the Louis XVI, the cane back chair is an antique inspired seat popular in the French Colonial period. It features woven strands of bamboo or grasses and comes in neutral colour palettes.

This is a great choice for couples wanting to evoke a sense of historic romance into their wedding style.

This chair typically rents anywhere from $16.50 – $17.50 per chair.


The Chameleon Chair


This chair features a metal back that lends itself to a contemporary style quite well. However, they can easily be covered in florals, sashes or slip covers to match any wedding aesthetic.

The chameleon chair typically rents anywhere from $13.00 – $14.00 per chair.


The Folding Lawn Chair

Photo from Wente Vineyards

Photo from Wente Vineyards


Another staple you’ve most likely seen at a past wedding is the folding lawn chair. Usually in white, it can be easily dressed up with florals tied on the side to line the aisle or left bare. These are great to repurpose from the ceremony to the reception.

This chair typically rents for $5.50 – $6.50 per chair.


The Ghost Chair


The ghost chair is the ultimate sleek addition to any wedding reception. These acrylic chairs are the perfect table accessory for the modern day minimalist couple. The see through acrylic material of these chairs gives the illusion of a larger space when you’re in a more intimate venue.

This chair typically rents anywhere from $9.50 to $10.50 per chair.


The Tolix Marais Chair


If you’re looking for something more industrial chic, then this chair is the perfect compliment to that vision. You can also go for a contemporary farmhouse style, pairing this chair in your choice of metallic finish with a cool grey linen topped with white florals and greenery.

This chair typically rents anywhere from $6.00 – $7.00 per chair.


We hope this helped you narrow down your selection, but if you’re still unsure which chair type is best for you then we suggest you take our fun wedding design style quiz. Knowing your style will make this selection process so much easier!

Which chair would you pick?

Xox, Melissa

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