December 4, 2021

6 New Romantic Ways To Propose

‘Will you marry me?is a question that resonates differently for each couple. For some, it may signify their lifelong dream coming true. Others might just melt and feel overwhelmed by what the question means. Some couples may have overcome past relationships and may have even gotten married in the past, making a second chance at a lifetime commitment even more meaningful.



What makes the perfect wedding proposal?

Proposals are big moments in life that say you are ready to take the next step in your relationship. It can be adventurous, passionate, intimate, or even simple. Granted that you only get to propose to the love of your life once, you need to make it perfect and unlike any other.

Before you check out and incorporate any of the suggestions in this blog, it is important to take note of a few details:

  • What is your partner like? Do they enjoy the outdoors or do they prefer to stay indoors? Are they nature lovers, musicians, or animal advocates? Keeping your lover in mind helps minimize possible mishaps and make the offer extra special.

  • Are you both ready to take it to be in it for the long haul? Married life is not all about happily ever after. It takes a lot of work and commitment on both sides. There are challenges and roadblocks to encounter and overcome, and so it is crucial to determine how prepared you both are for this stage in your relationship.

  • What is your budget? This question might seem like such a downer at first, but it is better to strategize your proposal around a specific budget. The type of proposal you have in mind might entail you hiring professionals, or traveling to an international location. If you want to impress and make a big statement about your emotions and your commitment, you need to be financially ready to cover the costs.

Once you’ve crossed out all the three essential questions that signify your preparedness for the marriage, then you can go ahead and find an idea that suits your imagery of a picturesque wedding proposal:


“…you only get to propose to the love of your life once, you need to make it perfect and unlike any other.”


Make a Music Video

Forget taking your lover to expensive concerts or writing a song and serenading them before whipping out the ring. Why not shoot a music video about your proposal instead? You can sing your theme song, or compose a new one just for the video itself.

Music videos can be shot even while you are at home. It works just well if you are currently in quarantine or are currently in a long-distance relationship. But, if you can shoot in different places and have extra money to make your video more elaborate, then you can add more creative elements for that extra flair.

You can throw in slideshows of your photos together, and record videos in places that mean a lot to both of you. This could be your favorite restaurants, your secret meeting spot, or locations where specific milestones in your relationship have taken place. For maximum impact, try popping in the question at the end of the video. It can be a part of the lyrics or flashed on the screen while you show the ring on cam


Romantic Getaway

Perhaps a change in scenery is just the kind of magic you need for your proposal. Take your beau to a lovely white sand beach, or a breathtaking island. Does your partner have a particular country or tourist attraction that they’ve always wanted to visit? Take this as a chance to surprise them and spend an extra special moment with them.

Visit all sorts of tourist spots and majestic locations. Try different cuisines. Then, at the end of the day, right when the sun sets, take them to an intimate spot where you can have more privacy together. Once everything is settled, get on one knee and propose!


Photo Source: The Banff Blog


“It can be adventurous, passionate, intimate, or even simple.”



Get their Adrenaline Pumping 

This idea is best suited for people who enjoy adventures and excitement. Go hiking, skydiving, scuba diving, or ziplining. Take advantage of the high level of energy and emotions to get yourself psyched before you finally ask the important question.

Going on an adventure also helps lessen the tension and nervousness while ensuring that you and your partner have a great time. After all, you want them to associate a happy memory with something as life-changing as being asked to embark on a lifelong commitment.

ZOOM Proposal

The ongoing pandemic limits travel opportunities and even outdoor activities for several people across the globe. If you and your partner are among those heavily affected by COVID-19, don’t worry. You can still whip out a memorable proposal, thanks to the internet.

To make a ZOOM proposal work, you will need the help of some family members and friends. Some ideas you can work with include having them each hold a sign to convey your message or asking each of your relatives and friends to give a short and lovely dedication to your beau before you propose at the end.



Incorporate a Puzzle

A puzzle can be a picture that your beau has to put together to form the words ‘Marry Me’. But, if you have more time and resources in your hands, how about setting up a Locked Room scenario with your friends.

Then, invite your partner to join your group and solve a mystery. The secret end goal to the game is to have your lover figure out your intention to propose.


Are you a talented individual with a love for performing arts? Try writing a script wherein you feign an emergency or ask your lover to reenact a scene from your favorite scene with you. The idea is to keep them distracted so that they won’t realize your plan right away. If you decide to go with the fake emergency strategy, do it with caution and try not to go overboard.

Wedding proposals are a cause for celebration. It becomes even more special when done extraordinarily and thoughtfully.

We look forward to seeing all the newly engaged couples this holiday season! As always, if you don’t know where to start, we’re always here to help.

xox, Melissa

This blog was written by Sophia Young for Melissa Dawn Event Designs.