January 31, 2023

Trending Wedding Colours We’re Loving for 2023

A new year is always exciting for many reasons, but for us it’s getting to delve into new wedding trends, colour palettes and styles. Hello Viva Magenta! These colour trends come not only from weddings but from the fashion industry and home design.

We hope these inspire you to get creative with your wedding ideas and that you find a perfect match for your personal style. Keep reading to see the top trending colour palettes for 2023. We’ll tell you which one is our favourite at the end.

Emerald and Greenery

Follow the yellow brick road all the way to Emerald City because green is in for 2023 in a big way. Adorning your wedding with full greenery pieces like archways or hanging installations will give your guests a luxe garden vibe without being too dramatic. Accent your greenery with soft or bold coloured blooms to match your dream vision.

Carry the green theme throughout your design with jewel toned emerald napkins, a wedding cake or even bridesmaids dresses to flawlessly pull the look together.

Photo Credit: Kadie Hummel Photography Design: Melissa Dawn Event Designs

Hot Pink & Pretty in Peach

In case you missed it, the 2023 Pantone is Viva Magenta and personally, we’re here for it! You may be tempted to play it classic and safe, especially when it comes to the floral design. But this year is breathing new life into playful colours for weddings. Make a statement with accents like hot pink, peach or coral.

Incorporating bold colours into your wedding design can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start (or when to pull back). We recommend hiring a wedding planner to create a cohesive design that infuses your personality and shows off the bright colours in all the right ways. Sit back and be wowed right along with your guests when you enter your venue.

Dusty Blue

We’ve been seeing this in the past years and it’s not going away any time soon. Dusty blue pairs well with neutrals like white, cream or dove grey for an elegant and romantic look.

With a few touches here and there you can achieve a chic Parisian look reminiscent of the french countryside. Want to do more? Add in soft mauve and pink tones to elevate your wedding to a dreamy fairytale aesthetic. Blue represents peace and harmony. The perfect feeling for any wedding.

La-La Lavender

Who’s ready for a good time? Bright lavender is the perfect colour for a Spring or Summer wedding. Add in neutral tones like grey or beige for a romantic style or bring the happy vibes with accents like butter yellow, peach and pink tones.

Let your personality shine with your colour pairings and design style. Go for a retro party vibe with silver metallic accents and disco ball decor. Serve up modern romance with shades of lavender and white decor and florals. However you dress it up, lavender is a top choice for couples and wedding designers alike.

Japandi – Brown and Neutrals

There’s something about natural tones like oatmeal, linen and taupe that really elevate your wedding. We’re seeing more home decor trends such as modern, minimal Scandinavian designs and sleek, elegant Japanese styles – aka japandi aesthetic – showing up in wedding designs.

Don’t let the neutral tones fool you into thinking this is a boring concept. Quite the opposite, darling. Incorporate shades of brown, cream and taupe and add in texture to make your design go from blah to wow. Play with textures like velvet, natural linen, leather or coloured glass to make your day positively memorable.

How good are those colours?! Our favourite is dusty blue followed close by hot pink and pretty in peach. We love the versatility those colour palettes offer to a variety of design aesthetics.

What’s your favourite colour trend this year?