How to Celebrate Your Birthday… During Self-Isolation


Birthday Party for One?

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Every time I scroll through the ‘gram lately (which may or may not be every two hours), I notice just how many of you (and your kids) are out there celebrating your birthdays… at home. Without the usual party guests. I want to let you know, if you are bummed out by your lackluster b-day this year – you are completely valid in those feelings.

And while this probably wasn’t how you expected to spend your birthday this year, I want to help you to make the most of it anyways. So today, I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite gifts and ideas to help you celebrate your own birthday (local to YYC and beyond) or help you throw your child’s extra special, all about me, you can’t sit with us (physically) party!


Self-Isolation Celebration

Whether you’re working from home, a stay at home mom or an independent boss babe, you totally deserve to treat yourself – because your sanity is counting on it!

Feeling stressed?
Grab this handy dandy “The big activity book for anxious people” it’s the perfect gift to get your mind off the current events and zone out! I did crosswords ALL the time during my last pregnancy to calm my mind. It helped so much!

Wanna crush your goals?
First you must create good habits that support your goals. The book “Atomic Habits” is hugely popular this year and for good reason. As the author, James Clear, puts it “You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.” So why not focus on tomorrow, today?!

I’ve gone through this one twice now and I highly recommend it.

Party for one?
Throw your own party by ordering from these local YYC businesses – who are all offering FREE DELIVERIES:



Celebrate Your Kids – Social Distancing Style:

Fun in the Sun:
Have a bubble party with these Melissa and Doug bubble wands and Butterfly Bubble Blower or Whale Bubble Machine.

Creative kiddos:
Have a Spring cookie decorating party. Try these festive cookie cutters to get the perfect canvas, then let them loose with the edible cake pens and icing squeeze bottles. Turn it into a baking competition and have a judge pick a winner for the best decorated cookie!

Thoughtful youngster:
These kids affirmation cards are the perfect gift to keep your child in a positive mindset and focused on the joyful things in their life and about themselves.

And here’s a few ways to celebrate and support local (Calgary and Airdrie only)…

  • Little Larch Play Dough – A great gift and keep busy activity. currently offering contactless pickup

  • Today’s Modern Bebe – Stylish and cozy clothes with the sweetest prints available.currently offering contactless pickup or shipping options

  • A Little Confetti – All different party ware themes and new edible Stickies for the aforementioned cookie decorating. currently offering contactless pickup




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I hope you find new ways to celebrate and make your birthday unique and fun. Call your friends, get on a zoom call with the whole fam’ and remember…we’ll be here for you on the other side!

xox Melissa

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