7 Unique Wedding Arbour Ideas To Elevate Your Wedding

There are so many ways couples can make their wedding ceremony both stunning and unique and it all starts with the arbour. Whether you’re getting married in a church, under the summer sun or in a grand hotel ballroom, we’re showing you seven different ideas to create the perfect ceremony setup for you to say “I do”.


Free Standing Floral Arbour


This unique approach to a traditional wedding arch has quickly become a hot trend and we can see why. This design lends itself to both the boho bride and the modern couple looking to have a gorgeous scene for their guests to enjoy. Not to mention the breathtaking photos they’ll get!

Ask your florist or wedding designer to create a one or two piece seemingly free standing floral arch. It doesn’t have to be symmetrical to be beautiful. Let the creativity run wild.


Linen Banner



Another trend we’re loving these days is the linen banner draped behind the couple with a favourite quote or poem written in elegant calligraphy. This is a beautiful way to incorporate something meaningful to both of you into the design.

This makes for a lovely keepsake to enjoy long after the day is over. Hang it in your home (or future nursery) afterwards for a beautiful reminder of your wedding day.


Pendant Lighting


Lights may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to the ceremony setup, but trust us, incorporating beautiful lighting into your arch can be incredibly romantic. Think amber and champagne vintage pendant lights hanging from your arch or better yet, creating the arch.

You can keep it minimal or add in chiffon draping, greenery or florals for an extra touch of whimsy.


Hanging Floral Treatment


If you love gorgeous blooms as much as we do, then consider standing under a “floating” floral treatment as you say your vows. This non traditional arbour option is both earthy and romantic. It creates a more chic and minimal look without having to use a typical large arch piece for the setup. It’s just you, your beau and nature’s finest.

Have your florist add in a mix of dried flowers with the fresh stems for a more whimsical, fairytale look.


Unexpected Panels


For the modern, industrial couple this hip new ceremony style was made just for you. This could be anything from 3 hanging rectangular panels to free standing semi circle panels, in the same or different colours.

Be as bold or as minimalistic as you please. Add in florals, drapings or keep them bare. Either way, you will have an artful display for your ceremony that can easily be repurposed at the reception for the cake or guest favours display. Need a photo op? These could easily serve as a photo booth backdrop for you and your guests to capture amazing throughout the evening.


Ground Arrangement


Who says you need a tall arbour around you to say “I do”? Certainly not us. Having a ground level ceremony arrangement makes an impact, especially when your venue has the perfect blank canvas or features a stunning scenic view. This highlights where you stand together as a couple and doesn’t steal the spotlight away.


Hanging Floral Garden


Imagine bringing the secret garden to life. That’s the level of lush greenery and blooms that we’re talking about here. Have your florist create a floral garland with perfectly draped stems to hang down and create your backdrop. Hang it off of birch and willow branches for a more natural look.

Again, go as minimal or lush as you like. You can’t go wrong with gorgeous florals.




This idea is for all the fun loving, colour palette embracing, celebration enthusiasts. You want your personality to shine big on your special day. And there’s no way you could do that without balloons.

Have a balloon artist create a full or semicircle of balloons to be your wedding arch. Stick to neutral colours for a bohemian vibe and add in some dried pampas grass and florals.

Feature all white and gold balloons amongst white florals for a more royal and elegant look. You can also frame a doorway where your guests will enter or where you will make your grand entrance as a couple for a fun statement piece.

So there you have it, seven unique ceremony arch ideas to elevate your wedding. We want to know, which idea would you try?

xox Melissa

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