January 2, 2021

6 Things To Do Right After Your Wedding




Tip Your Vendors

Double check you have tipped your vendors, such as hair and makeup, for their services. The amount is ultimately up to you, but it’s considerate to tip 15-20% if you were happy with their work.

Leave A Review For Your Vendors

This is often missed, but super important. Be sure to leave your vendors a Google review or send a testimonial to them directly. This not only helps other happy couples in their future decision making, but it goes a long way to helping these often small businesses gain awareness and trust in the community.

Repurpose Your Flowers

Arrange to have your flowers donated to local hospitals or elderly care homes. You have so many gorgeous florals to adorn your wedding and sadly you can’t keep them all forever. Make someone’s day a little brighter by repurposing them into smaller arrangements that can be enjoyed by others. Talk to your florist or planner about this ahead of time.

Check Out Your Wedding Hashtag

If you had a custom hashtag you requested guests to use, scroll through the images tagged with it to see the candid moments all over again. We’re sure there’s lots of moments you missed that were captured too!

Send Thank You Cards

Most couples open their gifts and cards the day after the wedding. Make sure to keep a list of who gifted what so you can include a personalized note in their thank you card. Ideally, these should be sent within 90 days after your wedding.

Review Your Wedding Registry

Speaking of gifts, be sure to review your registry after the wedding. See what items are still needed or which ones you may have doubles of that require returns. Once you’ve sorted through all of the items close out your registry.

Lastly, take a moment to let it sink in that you are now a married couple. Congrats!!

xox, Melissa