5 Last Minute Halloween Decor Ideas

Did October pass you by faster than you expected? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. I started decorating for Halloween on October 1st….yes, I’m THAT person. However, I left a few areas untouched thinking I would have plenty of time to get it finished. Boy, was I wrong!

So today, I’m sharing 5 easy ways to get your spooky decorating prepped and ready just in time for the ghouls and boys to come trick or treating your way! Are you ready? Let’s dive in!



Paper saves the day

You don’t have to go crazy on your bank account to style your house in a fun way for Halloween. These paper fans, honeycombs and poufs are all from the local Dollarama store! Choose 1 to 3 colours for your palette and hang them near your front door where the kids will see them or even in your living room for your own kids to enjoy!

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Make it a collage or place them in a row. Just have fun with it. Bonus: get your kids to help you to save on time! Hello fun kid’s activity!



Paint by number

Or should I say by letter! For a fun and easy banner grab a few mylar balloon letters, like these ones from Michaels, and spray paint in your chosen colour palette. Spell out Eek, Boo, Hocus Pocus – you get the idea.

1. Be sure to get the silver balloons so the paint will properly adhere to the balloons. Gold doesn’t work as there is already a layer of colour over the original silver. Your paint will just slide off. (Trust me, I learned the hard way!)

2. Blow them up. Then spray each letter with a few coats in a well ventilated area, like your backyard. They will deflate a little – don’t worry, this is normal! They should go back to size after they dry. If not, just add a little more air.

3. Make sure they are fully dry before you hang. Voila! your banner is complete!



Speaking of paint…

Why not paint your pumpkins to match? I painted both faux and real pumpkins here to keep my halloween decor cohesive and fun.

Try spray painting or paint by brush. Get creative with it! Want to get your kids involved? Have them add their own designs such as geometric shapes, spots or drawings after your first layer has dried.

I used this Martha Stewart acrylic diamond glitter paint for some extra shine.

If painting’s not your jam, don’t worry! I have your back, friend. You can add some halloween decals like these pearl dots, spider stickies or “boo” sticker seen left.



Decorate your door

This is probably one of the easiest ways that I’ve decked out our front door for October. This ghostly backdrop is perfect for doors or car trunks (who knew?)

Simply tape and cut to size for your door. That’s it!

Want more? Add some spooky spiderwebs or giant letters to spell out more haunted words. I added these wooden letters, painted to match my palette, in place of our usual skeleton wreath. Command strips will help keep these in place.


diy Printable banner

Whether you have kids or not, this banner is still fun to print and colour on your own. Designed with love and spooky fun by the talented Alison Martin of amartincreative, this banner is the perfect Halloween decor for everyone.

1. Simply print, colour and cut out the banner flags.

2. String together using a hole punch and twine or use mini clothes pins to hang on a string on your fireplace mantle or in a window.

3. Get yours here and don’t forget to share with us on Instagram using #mddhalloween

So there you have it! 5 easy ways to get your house haunted and ready for Halloween. Which one will you try?

xox Melissa